Solar Brands

The following is a list of preferred Remote Solar brands...
SolarRay custom racks and mounts
Our parent company, and provider of custom racks and prewired Power Boards.
Midnite Solar
Midnite Solar Inc.
We are proud of our long time partnership with the founder of this company, who previously headed Outback Power, and before that created many of the great products at Trace Engineering in the 90s. They supply much of our DC & AC disconnects, breakers, load centers, and also their latest Classic Charge controllers with MPPT.
Midnite Solar
Outback Power
Sinewave Inverters, and especially Grid tie Inverters with battery backup capability.
Midnite Solar
Magnum Energy
Off grid Inverters and Chargers with both modsine and sinewave output.
HUP Solar Batteries
HUP Solar Batteries
The best energy storage batteries for off grid. HUPs last longer and have a better warranty than any other battery on the market.
Blue Sky Energy
Blue Sky Energy
Charge Controllers including MPPT type controllers.
Trimetric meters
We've featured Trimetric Meters in most of our systems since 1997.
Having a solar electric system without a Trimetric is like driving a car without a gas guage or speedometer.
SolarWorld products
Monocrystalline solar modules made in America by the same company since 1977. The ownership has changed from Arco to Seimens to Shell to Solar World over the decades, but the quality has never suffered. These are our premium module, because we have measured modules from this company that are over 20 years old and still have close to full performance. No other module manufacturer has been around longer.
Blue Sky Energy
Trojan Battery
The best golf cart and smaller sized Solar Batteries. We sell the RE series of Trojan batteries.
Blue Sky Energy
Bergey Windpower

1Kw to 50 Kw Wind turbines and towers. Bergey has been in the small wind turbine business for over 20 years.

They are located in Tornado country so they now how to build equipment that lasts.

Blue Sky Energy
Solar Converters, Inc.
DC to DC converters, Low Voltage Disconnects, CP Controllers, Meters, and charge controllers
Blue Sky Energy
Zephyr Battery Vents
DC Powered Battery Vents
Blue Sky Energy
Dankoff Solar Pumps
DC Pressure Pumps and Surface Pumps
NABCEP Colorado certified solar PV installer