Our Solar Cathodic Protection Projects

We've designed, built, and installed solar cathodic protection systems in Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado for Chevron, Plains Pipeline, and Merit Oil, and in cooperation with United Contracting. Our systems reverse corrosive effects anywhere steel pipe comes into contact with soil, and work hard to prevent oxidation before it gets started, with 95% uptime!
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Here are just a small sampling of our many solar cathodic protection projects... Here is a 20 amp output solar cathodic protection system installed for Chevron Oil in Colorado.

Another system for Chevron Pipeline in Utah. Includes Solarworld 245 watt modules, HUP batteries, and Outback charge controllers.

Our latest unit for Plains Pipeline in Wyoming. Includes 10 Solarworld 255 modules, Midnite Controllers, remote monitoring package, and Solarray's best wind anchoring system

A Cathodic Protection Unit in Wyoming featuring both solar and wind power.

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